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Topsoil acidity

The acidity of a soil is a complex phenomenon.

Today there are several techniques for measuring soil acidity. However, soil acidity is usually measured in a soil sample taken at a depth of between 15 and 30 cm (soil pH).

Now, there is a pH gradient between the soil's surface and deep horizons (the variation can be of the order of 0.5 to 1 degree on the pH scale, with the surface horizon being more acid). This is due to the various causes of acidification:

. acidification by fertilisers
. mineralisation of organic matter
. increased root activity
. migration of minerals (especially calcium)

The consequences of this topsoil acidity are synonymous with losses of crop yield and quality. More specifically:

. Baking, sealing, and caking of the soil
      o Emergence losses, heterogeneous stands
      o Root asphyxiation
. Decrease in fertiliser uptake
      o Poor mineral nutrition
. Slowing of biological activity
      o Fewer nutrients available
. Poor efficacy of herbicides
      o Competition from weeds
      o Phytotoxicity

Oxyfertil® provides a strong base as well as minerals so as to control topsoil acidity. The synergy of the elements that it supplies creates optimal conditions for the plant to absorb the fertilising substances, thereby enabling the plant to express its potential fully.

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